Tea Tree – Melaleuca alternifolia – organic

Tea Tree – Melaleuca alternifolia – organic


Our Tea Tree Oil is certified organic. It comes from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. The essential oil is used in low concentrations as a topical medicine.



Tea TreeTea Tree Melaleuca alternifolia – essential oil comes from, yes you guessed it, the Tea Tree! :-). Our Tea Tree Oil is certified organic. It comes from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. The essential oil is used in low concentrations as a topical medicine.

Native to Australia but now grown commercially elsewhere. The Aboriginal people of Australia have used the medicinal properties of tea tree for untold millennia. Findings of its medicinal properties were first presented to the scientific community by an Australian government scientist, Dr. A. R. Penfold, in 1923. Tea tree oil was so valued by the 1940s that cutters and producers were exempted from military service during the Second World War until sufficient supplies were available to provide all military personnel with a personal supply in their first aid kits.

Tea Tree has a strong medicinal, slightly spicy, camphorous aroma.

Personally I’ve successfully used it on nail fungus and itchy insect bites. I’ve even used it to keep ticks off, and it’s great for keeping smelly places smelling fresh again. I use it as a sanitiser in places like bathrooms, toilets, dustbins and even drains.

Tea TreeMelaleuca alternifolia oil is claimed as useful for:

treating minor cuts, burns, dandruff, acne, nail fungus, athlete’s foot, lice, herpes, insect bites, vaginal yeast infections, scabies and skin fungal or bacterial infections. Some claim that it can be used to fight or soothe strep throat and urinary, bloodstream and sinus infections. Even pneumonioa – a few drops in the bath or vaporizer.

Tea Tree is powerful and should be used with care.

Tea Tree essential oil is often used in toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash. Many love its fresh aroma. Some hair products contain Tea Tree to control hair lice – 5 days in a row and they’re sorted.

Experts consider tea tree oil to be safe as a topical treatment, and you can apply it directly to the skin. When applied to the skin in its pure (100% oil) form, tea tree oil seldom causes irritation but testing is always recommended. I must admit, I’ve used it directly on my skin without any irritation or rash developing. It is very soothing for mozzie bites. The itchiness disappears almost instantly!

Essential Oil Numerology

The energy of Tea Tree essential oil means taking the polar ends of behavior and bringing it into the center so that behavior isn’t morally questionable. Although without deviations learning becomes obsolete. So, in other words, one would take enough risk in order to expand on experience but not to the extent that it becomes immoral. So tea tree oil is a kind of spiritual disinfectant, bringing everything into balance. It kind of cleanses the extreme spiritual and the extreme physical.

Extreme physical is the “too much materialism” concept – too much of the “sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll” concept. And on the opposite end of the pole sits the spiritual extreme possibly depicted in the image of the laughing Buddha. There is no negative connotation to the laughing Buddha – it is merely indicating that materialism would view the laughing Buddha as dysfunctional because materialism would say ‘you can’t really function in this physical world when you have such a large immobile body and so few possessions’. Some may argue that this is not true, nevertheless, “he” is traditionally depicted as a fat, bald monk, wearing a simple robe carrying his few possessions in a sack cloth. Although poor he is contently abundant. He slept anywhere and everywhere, even in the cold, rain and snow because his mystical powers could ward off the bitter cold or extreme heat leaving his body unaffected. Of course this seems to be the ideal way to be, but many would rather want to find a balance in this physical world. At the moment the world is extremely materialistic. Tea tree oil encourages the return to spirit bringing more balance.

Extreme example of the physical and material world would be someone like the Jeffrey Epstein‘s of this world.

Extreme example of the spiritual would be the laughing Buddha.

Although the Buddha also represents spiritual abundance, Jeffrey Epstein represents material abundance but ideally you want a little bit of both. You want physical abundance and spiritual abundance but without immorality. No extremes.


  • Freedom
  • Change
  • Authenticity
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Higher knowledge
  • Vibrational awareness
  • Calms rebelliousness
  • Softens sexuality to more playful lovemaking

It is important to understand that the spiritual extreme is a good thing because you are ultimately spirit and that is where you are ultimately going. The laughing Buddha is a good representation that can be used for understanding. In your heart you do want to go more to the spiritual life. But this world was created so that you can experience contrast that brings understanding. It’s like the two ends of a stick that Abraham talks about. You can be on either side. It’s up to you. That’s the beauty of free will.

And so tea tree oil opens up those extremes to your consciousness so that you can make better choices and choose balance. The result brings honesty, integrity, reliability, structure and more of these positive vibrations.


“This is life”


The information on this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice, diagnosis or implied treatment. Please consult a professional should you experience discomfort or dis-ease.

** Please note that prices might change without prior notice due to the nature of obtaining them from far away places with different exchange rates.

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Please Note:

Always dilute before use
Do not take internally or use undiluted
Discontinue if any irritation occurs
Keep out of reach of children & pets
Avoid contact with eyes
and sensitive areas
Consult a physician if under doctor’s
care, nursing or pregnant
Store out of direct sunlight


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