Frequency Intention Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Frequency Intention Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner


Introducing our extraordinary biodegradable eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner – a true game-changer in surface cleaning! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill cleaner; it’s a powerful solution designed to elevate your cleaning experience. Our unique formula harnesses the power of special ingredients to effortlessly lift away dirt and dust, leaving behind no trace, only pristine surfaces. Plus, it goes above and beyond by not only sanitizing but also infusing your space with a delightful, invigorating fragrance. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Elevate your cleaning routine with a product that’s not just effective, but environmentally conscious and a joy to use. This is the cleaner you’ll love forever!

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We designed this Frequency Intention Multi-Purpose Cleaner for your pristine home.

Tired of having all the toxins around? Everyone is starting to eliminate toxic products from their environment. You will find that you can achieve the same or better result using natural products. Frequency Intention multi-purpose Surface Cleaner is biodegradable, eco friendly and 100% natural.

All you need is a few sprays.

Spray the mist over the surface you need to clean. Use a wet cloth to wipe. You’ll notice a little foam forming but just keep wiping till clean. You don’t need to rinse after. No film is formed. You can just leave the surface to dry. You will notice everything becomes cleaner and brighter over time.

Many natural products are so effective that a little goes a long way. With just a few sprays and water, The Frequency Intention Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is designed to creep right under those nasties and lift them off, with little effort.

You will find that everything gets cleaner more easily every time. After a while you’ll notice the difference. You need to experience it.

Consistency is another favourite demand. We know that you like a product that is going to work every time, giving the desired result day in and day out.

This Multi-Purpose Cleaner leaves a refreshing fragrance in your home. The combination of peppermint and lemongrass is truly uplifting.

  • You can use it on all washable surfaces and floors.
  • DON NOT USE it on untreated wood though.
  • Contains only naturally derived ingredients. Even the preservative and blender are natural.
  • Contains certified organic essential oils.
  • Leaves no harmful residue.
  • Contents are fully biodegradable.
  • Contains no phosphates, harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach
  • Always safe to keep any of these kinds of products away from pets and children, regardless.

“As a mom and home maker, I have enough on my plate. I don’t want to compromise on quality and I don’t want to have to constantly look for something better.”

Frequency Intention Multi-Purpose Cleaner carries a light fragrance of peppermint and lemongrass. Peppermint is cooling and calming and lemongrass is very effective against drug resistant bacteria – and flies too! Both peppermint and lemongrass are antibacterial.

This superb product must be experienced. You will have a great appreciation for it’s ability to cut through grime and dirt effectively.

Spray it on an area that needs special cleaning, leave it for a minute, and wipe it all off. You won’t have to block my nose or gag from a strong, harsh and overwhelming cleaning product ever again. (Except for toilet duck – You ay still use that one. haha. One day we’ll design something that will replace that too!)

This biodegradable ecofriendly multi-purpose cleaner will exceed your expectations. You will try it once and want it forever.

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500ml Glass Amber Bottle with Mini Trigger Spray Cap


Peppermint essential oil
Lemongrass essential oil
CO2 Gans infused mountain spring water
Natural stabiliser
Natural stabiliser

Please Note:

Although every care has been taken to blend this product for effective yet safe use for everyone and anyone, it is always important to treat these types of products with care and pre-caution.

• If skin irritation occurs (although highly unlikely) use gloves or discontinue use.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Not for consumption.
• Store out of direct sunlight.
• Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas.


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