Defensor™ – Application Oil

Defensor™ – Application Oil

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You can use Defensor™ – Application Oil can be used as is. It’s amazing what your body is capable of when it is loved and cared for.




You can use the diluted Defensor™ – Application Oil as a topical oil and can be used as it. It is a 10% intensity essential oil in a grapeseed carrier oil.

Defensor™ Essential Oil  is also available for use in various ways for eg. diffusers and you may possibly want to dilute it with your preferred carrier oil if you don’t like grapeseed oil.

“research shows that the well known “thieve oil blend” (Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lemon) has a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria – interrupting the life cycle and interfering with the ability of viruses to replicate.”

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Additional information


10ml Amber bottle with dropper, 20ml Amber bottle with dropper

Please Note:

This product is a 2% blend with pure cold pressed Grapeseed Oil.
Although it is diluted it is always good to do a skin test first.
Do not take internally
Discontinue if any irritation occurs
Keep out of reach of children & pets
Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas
Consult a physician if under doctor’s care, nursing or pregnant
Store out of direct sunlight


Clove Leaf Essential Oil – Organic
Lemon Essential Oil – Organic
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – Organic
Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Organic
Rosemary Essential Oil – Organic
Frankincense Essential Oil – Organic
Myrrh Essential Oil – Conventional
Spikenard Essential Oil – Conventional
Grapeseed Carrier Oil – cold pressed, pure and natural

4 reviews for Defensor™ – Application Oil

  1. Gail Thomas

    Defensor has totally cured the long standing pain in my foot -+ helped immensely with the arthritic pain in my hands.
    My husband has just walked the Camino and swears that Yves oil helped his feet to survive!
    It is the best oil therapy I have ever used.
    The room atomizer is also a winner.

  2. Marina

    Day 1 with very bad bone bruising , possibly cracked kneecap, as I couldn’t put any weight on it for a week …until I started using Defensor. we can’t tell because its healed so well. Day 6 started defensor: Still couldn’t walk on it at this point, and lots of swelling. Medic said I needed stitches it was so deep but couldn’t do it on the knee. I couldn’t even drive.. couldn’t get in and out of a car or bakkie. And couldn’t press the clutch at all. Defensor helps call in the miracle Went off crutches within 12 hours of starting Defensor regular! application .

  3. Natty

    I swear by Defensor Oil. I use it for my allergies, headaches and general immune system booster. It really works.

  4. Tine

    I absolutely love the Defensor and recommend it to everyone I know. It is amazing for preventing colds and flu, just put a little of the 2% version under your nose and on your throat when you first notice a niggle and by the next day it is gone. I also love to use it in my diffuser, the smell is divine and it has anti viral and anti bacterial properties so helps to protect my home. I also use the 2% version on my skin to clear blemishes and on my nose and under my eyes to relieve sisus issues. I will never be without it again. What a wonderful combination of nature’s best!

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