The Hebrew word Arukah inspired the name of this product – Aruca™. We honour the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and this product is created to best support it in a modern lifestyle. Aruca™ is an adaptogenic support supplement and more.

What is an adaptogen?

Your adrenal system is in charge of managing your body’s hormonal response to stress. Adaptogenic herbs are a group of botanical rejuvenating herbs that greatly improve your body’s ability to adapt to stress and improve strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and mental clarity.

This elite class of adaptogenic herbs literally helps the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on various situations. For example, they help bring calm in times of chaos, peace in times of turmoil, clarity in times of ambiguity. They can even give energy when tired.

A Russian toxicologist, Nikolay Lazarev introduced the term, adaptogen, into scientific literature in 1957. He used this term to refer to “substances that increase the state of non-specific resistance” to stressful situations.’

Aruca™’s base formula is a product formulation that has been developed over  years with good proven results. Aruca™  has been carefully developed to give nutritive strength, regulate and bring the body back into balance, act on the body as a whole and in multiple areas at the same time and is completely safe to use over extended periods of time.

Although the original base product was formulated to assist people who were suffering from atrophe in their circulatory system, blood vessels as well as nerves, it has been upgraded with an extract of plants that was discovered to activate the same receptors in the brain that the THC from cannabis does without the psychoactive effect (the high). It is purely nutritional. This activation helps for mood, focus, ability to handle stress and anxiety etc. creating a carefully balanced and effective adaptogen to support the entire body in today’s modern lifestyle.

Aruca™ does not only have adaptogenic properties, there are other mechanisms also built into Aruca™ that helps the body balance hormonally and mentally.

It is a powerful anti ageing and energy production powerhouse.

One of the actions, which is part of its antioxidant properties also helps control inflammation and pain, thus giving more flexibility and movement in the muscles and connective tissue. Aruca™ is very helpful for anyone who needs a boost emotionally & mentally (without side effects).

Within complimentary medicines’ practice of the pharmaceutical design of natural medicines, this is a truly unique product that has been designed to support the following elements in the body:

  • Cannabinoid Receptors
  • Blood Vessels & Nerves
  • Energy, Mood & Focus
  • Anti-Ageing & Libido
  • Immune Function
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Pain Relief

Aruca™ is a combination of plant based ingredients and extracts mixed with sound medical design science. Each mechanism of action is carefully planned and addressed in a synergistic supplement masterpiece with ingredients such as Lapacho tree extract, Eugenia Jambolan, Gotu Kola, Aswagandha, Eleutherococcus root and methylsulfonylmethane.. These were used in different ratios and amounts using different parts of the plants as part of their secret formulations. The product also contains more well known ingredients such as hawthorn, gingko biloba and echinacea and together with the other formulations are more effective than when taken on their own.

Aruca™ includes CannabiCell™, a proprietary absorption technology that allows the entire formulation’s active molecules to become more easily available to use for the smallest parts of the human body, the cells.

This product can be used as a stand alone product and can work in synergy in formulation and action, in conjunction with Meduca™.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if nursing or pregnant. Always consult your physician before using any supplement, especially if you are using chronic medication. 

NB: This product is not a drug & is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA or the MCC. Canamere’s product is made to nutritionally support the body’s innate ability to heal itself.