I’m really not one for a super organised environment where you eat 5 times a day, weight your food, pick and swap for better options, etc., however, I do believe that one needs high quality food. Because life is so busy and overwhelming I’ve chosen to supplement my daily intake with super foods and Ayurvedic herbs.

The best I found on the market is produced by Canamere. Canamere’s care and pedantic accuracy in preparation and selection of the finest ingredients held in their products is impressive. I have never experienced any supplement make a real noticeable difference to my body. These products are remarkable. You feel the difference.

These are my favourite nutritional supplements. If you have aches and pains, your body is struggling. I have found that by giving it super foods, my body has a fighting chance to restore balance and reduce pain.
Botanical ElixirFull-Spectrum Plant CBDAdaptogenic