Bob Marley said in an interview in 60 minutes, “My richness is in life, forever.” The Rastafarian people are focused on clean living and like to eat and adorn their body with pure and natural products like those of the I&I Naturally range – a top quality product now available here.

Marshall Rinquest is a Rasta and lives in a small village in a valley in the Western Cape. He is fully invested in growing natural, organic food in the area. He doesn’t only include the one small village, he spreads his wings wide into places like Genandendal, Berea and further. Nothing is more fulfilling for him than to teach people how to grow their own food. Living simply and off the land is the kind of life Marshall enjoys.

Being true is fundamental in the Rasta community. He is true to his word and true to everything that is good. As a true Rasta, Marshall is always focused on doing the right thing.

According to Rasta religion, dreadlocks symbolise the mane of the Lion of Judah. It is a practice of patience and is a spiritual journey.

Rastafarians also never shave, as they believe no razer shall come upon their head.

What better way for a Rastafarian to naturally take care of a beard than using pure and natural essential oils. Inspired by Marshall, and the shared belief of always doing the right thing, Yves Authentic Collections created I&I Naturally, a brand suitable for the discerning Rastafarian.

All these oils and balms are plant based. No harmful ingredients have been added. The I&I Naturally range contains 100% pure and natural ingredients with no harmful chemical substances.

So if you want to take care of your body with something pure and natural, this is the one to go for. Rastafarian or not.

The subtle fragrance of the Irie Beard Oil and wax is fresh and uplifting yet subtle.

The Irie Beard Oil is highly nourishing and easily absorbed by the hair and skin, preventing ingrown hair and skin irritations under the beard hair.

The Irie Beard Balm is suitable for application twice a day. Although a firm consistency it melts easily when applied and will give shine, but is “sticky” enough to shape the beard.

When applying the products from the I&I Naturally range, know that you are taking care of your strength.