Getting Started

  • These are Words for a Time Like Now

    If you are here, perhaps you were made for a time like this.

    In the greater scheme of things it is clear that the humans on planet earth are walking toward a precipice to cause self-destruct.

    It is clear that the game has gone too far.

    It is clear that should this continue that the planet will simply be removed like an apendix . Useless to the body. And that, because we have all forgotten who we are!

    “I never could understand those words, but now I do thanks to those who are forging ahead of me.”

    We are like cells in a body; eg. an appendix. But if the appendix (us) in this case is discarded it goes into infinity and dissolves and becomes fractalized into millions and millions of elements. Like one would burry a mouse that disintegrates back into the earth only to feed the plants. It will take us millennia to piece ourselves back together.

    Unless we recognize that we are born on this planet earth as human beings because we know that this kind of nature can take care of all of our needs. That we came to explore, to nurture, to learn. But most of all we came to be good stewarts.

    We know that we appointed Satan the destructor. We know why we appointed a destructor. We appointed him to swing the pendulum. Satan’s purpose in the game is to extend the swing of the pendulum to the furtherest point of hell. Why? So that we can understand unconditional, pure love! That’s what Jesus did. He came to show unconditional love! How could we have known unconditional love if we didn’t understand hatred and fear. Jesus released us from hell by becoming an abomination and taking the worst upon him. There is nothing worse. Satan simply got us there.

    We did not come to follow Satan. We came to overcome Satan. To recognize unconditional love. To observe the abomination in gratefulness that we could experience the backswing of the pendulum. Heaven. Our reward for forgiving with grace.

    We now know that Satan is lost in his power and can not return without deathly shame. The game has gone too far.

    Remember the parable? When all us souls got together and wanted to experience a heightened version of love? Remember that? And Satan volunteered to be the Villain? And so it is now. He is the Villain and we have allowed him to get lost in this world. To cling to it with all his might.

    We have to start applying what we know. That Satan did this on one condition. What were his words? “Remember to love me again”.

    Let this parable be your guide to where you are going from here now.

    Are you going to self destruct? Or are you going to choose life?

    If you decide to destruct, you will be like a metal knee in a knee replacement procedure. Cold and hard. A constant burden. Constant pain. That is hell. But you will no longer be. You will be a slave. A slave to the metal structure. Fixed in one place. No freedom. No movement.

    You can change all this. You are the finger of God. Experiencing the creation through your mind as you create it through your mind. Think good things. Build good things. Create good things. You are a creator. You are in the hands of God.

    Let Satan dissolve. He is lost to the wind.

    Be Who You Are.