Where do you think you are?

When you look at what is happening today. And you think back on what you did in your life. You will know whether to let it all go, or keep it for you.

You have to understand that when you have masses of people at the same vibration like you are, the polarization is so high, that you tear your world apart. Your world is either leaning heavily to the higher vibrations or heavily to the lower vibrations.

It really is all about choice. The choice is yours. The agreement of free will still stands. So if you can realise that you are instrumental to the polarization; that you have gone too far, it is time to turn back to save yourself from total annihilation. The bulk of you need to receive and accept grace. If you don’t you will set yourself in stone. Like Lot’s wife was set in salt. Why? You may ask. It’s simple. Your vibration is too low.

Where there is a polar flip coming, you end up in the place where the worst of today is the best of tomorrow. That’s your world.

In contrast. You can choose and accept grace and flip over to the world where the best of today is the worst of tomorrow.

You will soon see what choice you made. It’s that close.

As the Bible reminds us: “let those that have ears, hear”

Where do you think you are?

Accept grace and give grace.

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