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Introducing “Heaven From Earth” (HFE) – an opulent collection of meticulously handcrafted, 100% natural perfumes. Each fragrance is a testament to the devoted craftsmanship and tender care that has been poured into its creation.

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey that transports you to an ethereal realm, evoking the very essence of nature’s splendor. Like the cultivation of a superior wine, our perfumes are nurtured with time, allowing their intricate layers to harmonize and develop into something truly extraordinary.

All our handcrafted perfumes are natural and contain no harmful ingredients.

Less is more.

You never need to use large amounts of our natural gems. Every drop of our precious elixir on your skin will anoint you with a subtle yet captivating allure. Because these oils are living oils they are flighty and permeate the air around you quickly, anointing your entire aura and those around you. Each flacon comes in a natural, all cotton pouch, so that you can carry it around with you and apply regularly.

“Intermittent diffusion is much more effective, as well as being safer, than continuous diffusion. Intermittent means 30-60 minutes on, then 30-60 minutes off. This is because our body, especially our nervous system, habituates after this length of time. With continuous diffusion, while benefits do not increase, there is evidence that the body becomes stressed in various ways. However, very low levels of diffusion – so the essential oil is barely noticeable – are fine anywhere, for any length of time.” ~ Robert Tisserand

Little by little, each application is a testament to the potency and richness of our perfumes, reminding you that true luxury lies in the art of subtlety and the embrace of nature’s timeless gifts. Elevate your essence with “Heaven From Earth” and experience the transformative power of time, craftsmanship, and nature’s own alchemy.

A Symphony of Scent

In the world of perfumery, as in life, appearances can be deceiving. Just as one cannot judge a book by its cover, our fragrances defy the notion of immediate judgment.

Much like the pages of a novel, our perfumes reveal their story gradually, beckoning you to delve deeper. The initial impression, a mere prologue, pales in comparison to the rich, unfolding tale that awaits.

Just as a narrative shifts from exposition to climax, our scents transition from light to heavy notes, each a carefully orchestrated movement in a symphony of fragrance. The lighter oils dance freely, whispering their essence, while the deeper, more complex notes linger, offering depth and intrigue.

A perfume, like a story, evolves with time, inviting you to experience its entirety. Embrace the transformation, for the morning’s allure may yield to an evening’s enigma.

Allow our perfumes to unfurl their true essence. Like a book that surprises and enchants with every turn of the page, our fragrances promise a journey of discovery, an olfactory odyssey that will linger in memory long after the final chapter has closed.

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Cleopatra by Heaven From Earth


Behold, the enchanting, Cleopatra by Heaven From Earth, a natural fragrance crafted to captivate the senses. Inspired by the ancient allure of Cleopatra, who masterfully wielded essential oils like rose, cinnamon, myrrh, saffron, and more, we present a scent that transcends time. Allow this opulent blend to weave its seductive spell, enticing the very elements…

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Hope – The Fragrance of Miracles and Possibilities


Hope is not merely a fragrance; it is a reminder that within us all lies the power to transcend the limitations imposed upon us by circumstance. It is an invitation to believe, to embrace, and to become. This fragrant tale unfurls in stages. In the morning’s embrace, citrus bursts forth, invigorating and energizing the senses…

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Embrace Your Journey with INSPIRE


Each note, a chapter, guides you through the labyrinth of your soul. Embark on this transformative journey with INSPIRE, and let its fragrant symphony lead you to the radiant core of your being. Let it remind you that you are already perfect, a masterpiece in progress, and that the layers and the journey are all…

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