Essential Oil Numerology is unexplored territory. However, with the new ‘light’ coming in to our world, the numbers have to add up. After all, everything is frequency.

Our true life and meaning of our life opens up to our knowledge and awareness after we have entered the “valley of the shadow of death”.

What is the “valley of the shadow of death”?

It is the time when our lives are in such turmoil because of our desperation to make a difference in the world. It is the result of wanting to attain success through hard work and worldly efforts. It is when our constant efforts all turn to naught and we can not understand why. It is when the light at the end of the tunnel turns to darkness and there is nothing else left. No hope. No identity. Complete loss and complete disorientation. It is when all bridges have been burned, all friends have been lost, and all concepts have turned out to be ineffective, and the only solution seems to be death. But the courage to end it all is just not there.

When an individual has reached this point of no return the only salvation is enlightenment. As they stand at the cross with the choices before them – life or death – the teacher will appear.

Who is the teacher?

The teacher is the voice that comes from within. The one that desires a relationship with you. The one that can guide you into new realms of abundance and freedom. The one that you can only hear when you – your ego – are silenced. It is The Messenger, Source Energy.

If you choose death through self-destruction the opportunity to navigate the rushing rivers with ease and poise is lost. Choose life!

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is when one realises that ones entire life is created from within.

The epiphany that the only way out of any situation is to create your way out is pretty daunting! It is a notion quite unacceptable to main stream teachings and religions. Up until this time one would have been creating a life by default instead of by design.

This realisation comes through the center of the third eye providing 2020 vision. This can either be embraced with grace or rejected with self destruction.

If one can bravely step through this veil by choosing life, freedom and abundance stands on the other side. Training for this is not generally forthcoming. It is only this life that one has designed for oneself that can bring one to this point of no return. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to step through the veil because it goes against all conventional teaching and formed habits. It is during this time that new teachers appear upon the screen that can assist those that are standing at the cross to either move through it, or be crucified on it.

This is the event. This event means acceptance of full responsibility for ones life in its entirety and in full detail. It means grace, i.e. forgiveness that goes beyond mercy.

When one chooses a life by design, anything is possible.

Messages from nature through Essential Oil Numerology.

Each essential oil has a numerical signature which brings a message. This is established through Essential Oil Numerology. The signature of each oil is revealed on this site through a proprietary formula for the benefit of all. You can find the meaning of each oil (under construction) under the post category Essential Oil Numerology. If the numerical meaning resonates with you, use it. Let it fill the air around you to embrace you. It can lift your consciousness through feelings of goodness and wellness to a place where new understanding comes. Understanding that is desired by your heart.

This kind of understanding can be a slap in the face, or a boost of confidence – or both :-). Each message can be accepted with resistance or it can be embraced. It all depends on humility and honesty. Honesty with none other than yourself.

The key to the correct interpretation is therefore ‘honesty’.

Consultations will become available in the near future to help you establish which oils your heart immediately desires. Once you’re on a roll you will be amazed at what you discover and you will ‘innerstand’ why fragrance is so important.

Consider the trees and the animals of the world. Notice how fragrance and colour (which is also vibrational) has such a profound effect on life and the continuation thereof.

Enjoy the mystery of the essence of nature through Essential Oil Numerology.

To see all the essential oils that have been populated with their “numerology aspects” click here. This is still being completed but if you follow the blog you will be kept updated as they are populated.  #essentialoilnumerology