Just like our symbol, the hummingbird, Yves Authentic Collections is about bringing you joy and powerful, positive healing as we provide high frequency products to enhance your self-care journey ten fold. They are carefully formulated and made with great care, love and insight.

Our main aim is to provide products that are 100% natural and toxic-free for you and your environment without compromising on effectivity.

Our hummingbird symbolism and meaning includes joy, healing, good luck, messages from angels, and other special qualities. While they are tiny beings, hummingbirds pack a lot of powerful, positive energy. It’s no wonder they are loved by people all over the world.

To some, sighting a hummingbird signals that challenging times are over and healing can begin. To others, these tiny fliers are an inspiring sign of hope and good luck.

The hummingbird has long been viewed as a symbol of spiritual awakening and transformation in many cultures. In Native American culture, the hummingbird is seen as a messenger of joy and light, a sign of hope and renewal.

The hummingbird is also associated with the sun and seen as a symbol of energy and power, as it flits and flutters around with extraordinary speed. Its small size and bright colors are seen as a reminder of how even the smallest and seemingly insignificant things can bring great beauty and joy into our lives.

In some cultures, the hummingbird is also associated with spiritual protection, as its rapid movements are thought to ward off negative energies.

In essence, the hummingbird is a reminder that no matter where we are in life, we can always find joy and hope if we take the time to look.

Returning to self starts in the physical. The purpose behind the formulation of every single one of our products is to bring pleasure, luxury and positive energy back into your life.

Self care brings healing.

The information on this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice, diagnosis or implied treatment. Please consult a professional should you experience discomfort or dis-ease. Our products are used by our customers to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself, using fragrance that promotes feelings of well-being and a healthy, positive mindset.

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