These are the basic therapeutic guidelines for children and older people.

If using a baby oil, check your ingredients. Mineral oil, or white oil as it’s called, is not a pure oil. We should not use it on babies.

AgeMassage or bathingDilution/base oil
0-12 months1 drop lavender
or 1 drop rose
or 1 drop chamomile
1 tsp carrier oil
1 - 5 years2-3 drops1 tsp carrier oil
6-12 yearshalf adult dose in same dilutionsame as adults
over 60savoid salts, avoid astringent oils
always do a patch test first
use only half of the essential oil if your skin is sensitive

Homeopathy is not compatible with: black pepper, camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint.
Don’t use if on homeopathic remedies.

Children: Be careful with children. Use the ratios indicated above. Don’t over step the boundaries of usage please. Their skins and their olfactories are very sensitive. Avoid bombarding their senses, until they are older.

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