The information on essential oils on this blog offers quick & easy essential oil solutions in a choice of options and are informative without encompassing clinical data that is not required by the layman in order for him/her to practice aromatherapy safely in the confines of their own homes. A few quick and easy solutions in reference format in the menus provide perfect solutions and methods for the person whose lifestyle permits limited time for study, or reference.

Massage Cream

Good oil suppliers and aromatherapists supply clients with a base cream that has been formulated, mixed and tested in a lab, so ensuring it is effective and will mix with base essential / carrier oils of your / their choice.

All our oils are certified pure and natural or organic (details provided on request).

Simply add 5 – 10 drops essential oil to 10ml cream. Otherwise follow the recipes given here or approach your local aromatherapist.

Massage oil

Always use a good carrier oil. Never use a mineral oil base, it’s not natural, so why mix the two? But if you prefer to use the mineral oil, remember the outcome might not be as beneficial.

  • Good essential oil suppliers offer a carrier oil base as well as  mineral oil base if you wish. The choice should always be yours. Do your research.
  • A full body massage will use 10ml oil; a partial massage – 5ml.
  • A body massage should take you into another world. Relax, burn your favourite oils; don’t make them overpowering. If choosing one of the overpowering or sticky carrier oils for massaging, don’t exceed the recommended 5%.
  • Rubs: All of the above apply; a rub is a localised “spot” massage. Gentle pressure instead of deep pressure is used.

Foot baths

Foot bath use as above. Wash feet first, obviously, then massage your feet with an essential oil blend and finally relax your feet in a warm or cold water foot bath.

Face rinse

Essential oil blend, add to warm water and rinse face.


To 100ml distilled water.
1ml essential oil (in misting bottle spray)
Optional: 1 – 2 ml carrier oil of choice.

Try our very popular Room Refresher.

Room Spray (make your own)

To 100ml distilled water.

5ml essential oil to 5ml carrier oil, alcohol (vodka is my preferred); brandy can be a little overpowering. Rosemary or benzoin can be used as a fixative; benzoin is very thick and sticky so be careful when adding it.


Purchase a fragrance free shampoo from our shop and add your selected treatment.
plus minus 1ml essential oil to (optional 10ml carrier oil), your favorite shampoo – or our neutral shampoo.
Don’t use a hair treatment shampoo though. It must be a basic shampoo. Eucalyptus is excellent for dandruff. Have a look at rosemary too.

Bath oils

Massage yourself gently and get in the bath.  A teaspoon or two of your chosen bath oil in a warm bath for about 15 minutes will do wonders for you. Remember … if you don’t buy a good bath oi and prefer to do your own, use a suitable carrier oil like grapeseed. Don’t simply pop a few drops of essential oil in your bath as the oil and water will not blend very well without a carrier oil. Relaxing in a warm bath with oils will ease most complaints.


Only in cases of minor burns, insect bites, warts and pimples should you use neat oils – like lavender. Essential oils should always be diluted.


Chronic conditions require a hot compress e.g. sore, tired muscles. Acute conditions require a cold compress e.g. headaches, sprains, swelling and strains.
Method: Take a hand towel or special compress case; sprinkle a few drops on the surface of the water or pad; put in the water, wring out excess water; place on the area to be treated.
Any are that can’t be massaged, e.g. a sprained ankle, will benefit from a compress.


Tea-lite burners and oils are available on request (please email us). An electric burner is fantastic – no mess. Add oils to water or salt in the bowl on top of the burner (I use a lower wattage globe as I find the oils burn with a high wattage. Go for 20% or 40%.) You can use fragranced oils in a burner too but remember these are for fragrance only; not for aromatherapy.


Use your burner with chosen oils plus minus 2 hours t a time. Burn the chosen aroma and feel the difference! Use only pure essential oils for specific complains.

Log burners

Add a drop of pine, eucalyptus, sandalwood or cedarwood to each log for a really great aroma. The logs can be prepared in advance.

Electric bar heaters

Add a drop or two on the bars before turning on.


When the candle has begun to melt, add a drop or two of your oils. Be careful, as oils are flammable.


Put a few drops of oil onto a cotton wool swab and place in between the pipes, preferably where they get the heat, but not the full impact of the heat as you don’t want them taking flame.

Humidifiers and Diffusers.

Using a diffuser is of great benefit. Read about the benefits of using a Diffuser or Humidifier – click here. Place a few drops of the oils in the water to circulate.

Steam inhalation

A bowl of very hot water, a few drops of oil in the bowl, cover your head with a towel over the bowl and inhale the steam. Its very good for flu, etc. Remember to keep your eyes closed and be careful of getting too close to the steam. Don’t burn yourself. When you have had all you can bear, i.e. plus minus 10 minutes, sprinkle cold water over your face to close the powers. Dab your face dry, don’t rub. If you have some rosewater spray, use it instead. Your pores must be sealed after cleansing.

Drops of oils

On your hanky, tissue or edge of your pillow can also be beneficial. Be careful with small children though.


Don’t allow the oils to come in contact with the skin, be careful. A few examples:

Use our Aromatherapy chart to find what you need.


Don not take essential oils by mouth.

Herbal infusions

Cover a handful of your herb with boiling water and leave to cool – like a tea use as directed. This blog does not cover herbs. You can also make a tincture of herbs.


Avoid most essential oils, especially the herbal based ones. You can safely use: mandarin, lavender, chamomile, teatree, grapefruit, pine, sandalwood, after the first trimester.

   Remember: rosemary and many of your other oils can induce early labour and possible complications early on.

Stretch Marks

Base massage cream makes 150g: 70ml , 50ml water, 20g dry mandarin, 2ml mandarin oil. Blend: Olive oil, wheatgerm and vitamin E oil.


To make potpourri: Use dried petals, leaves or any medium that can absorb the oils – barks, twigs, wood shavings (untreated). Mix a few drops of benzoin or another fixative with the oils you wish to use and toss in together with your petals, etc.

Try adding dry spices, they are divine.

Allow to mature for a day or two – covered. When no longer fresh, top up with the oils and dried medium.

These Quick & Easy Essential Oil Solutions are guidelines. Try different oils and just take care to dilute correctly and watch your health conditions.