Our essential oils are graded. You will see this with each one as you go through them individually. There will be a link to this page so that you can find the definition of the grading easily. All our essential oils are pure, free from additives and unadulterated and can be used in aromatherapy.essential oils are graded

ORGANIC = pure, natural and free of pesticides and sprays. Obtained from a single botanical source … seasonally available

NATURAL/CONVENTIONAL = 100% pure and natural obtained from a single botanical source … seasonally available

STANDARD / BLEND OIL = is a blend of essential oils and aroma compounds to create uniform characteristics to meet international specifications. They have a percentage of synthetic AND / OR natural identical components added to them

ABSOLUTE = most concentrated, highly aromatic form of fragrance obtained through solvent extraction from delicate plants

INDIGENOUS = are wild grown and non-sprayed … seasonally available

MACERATION = special absorbed oils and 100% natural

FRAGRANCE / AROMA / AROMATIC / FLAVOUR = mixture composed of essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals and aromatic resins. Fragrance oils are synthetic products and therefore do not possess natural healing properties

FLOWER WATER / HYDROSOL = the pure, water-based solutions are created when essential oils are steam distilled and still contains some of the properties of the plant material used. Ideal for use with children, animals, and those with fragile immune systems

Specific to Ylang Ylang

COMPLETE = either total of all the oil collected OR just a blend of each of the 4 fractions

EXTRA = Taken in the first hour or two when flower is steam distilled.

Ylang I, II and III = extracted in order and designated amounts of

Specific to Indigenous Oils – Volatile (essential) and carrier

Wild = wild grown and harvested … non sprayed

Have a look at our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Chart to find oils that suit your requirements.

Our essential oils are graded according to international standards and can be shipped worldwide.

Please note these WARNINGS about using essential oils correctly.

** Our pricing can change immediately due to the nature of the business. Although we try to keep this to a minimum, we will need to change pricing where necessary without prior notice.