These are the favoured blends that I have discovered. Some essential oil combinations just don’t go together. Here is a guide to show which oils favour each other generally. You might like some different combinations so remember to enjoy experimenting.

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Check the safety guidelines especially if you are pregnant, epileptic, or have any serious health condition.

Essential OilBlends well withNotes and tips
Basil French
sweet spicy
bergamot, clary sage,
lime, citronella, hyssop, geranium
warm vanilla like scent, extremely sticky.
I often use the blended compound as a fixative.
I never use it as a base in my blends, it’s too resinous.
aroma citrus/floral
fresh balsamic undertone
Note: skin darkens in sun
patchouli, rose otto
lavender, orange blossom
geranium, lemon
chamomile, juniper
used in all skin & hair applications,
salts, oils, creams, burners and inhalers
fruity body note
see eucalyptus – similar
Sharp, herbaceous when home made, but the commercial oil is normally a carrier oil and has no smell.
The plant itself has a sharp herbaceous smell so the home made tincture or oil retains this smell. Blends well with citrus & floral oils
Carrot seed
warm, dry, woody and earthycedarwood, geranium
all spice and citrus oils
Chamomile (Roman)
bergamot, clary sage,
jasmine, orange blossom,
rose, geranium, lavender
great for soaps, salts
all skin oils and products
versatileUse in cleaning, potpourri, burners or the like.
sweet, woody, powerful, lemonygeranium, lemon, bergamot, orange, cedarwood
Clary Sage
• don’t use when pregnant:
• don’t use when driving
lavender, rose, pine,
cedarwood, sandalwood,
juniper, geranium, jasmine
bergamot and other citrus oils
use in all skin and hair applications
salts, oils, creams, burners and inhalers
sweet, spicy
bergamot, lavender, rosemary,
clary sage, rose, ylang-ylang
pleasant scent
smoky balsamic
bergamot, cedarwood,
frankincense, juniper, lavender,
pine needle
Eucalyptus radiata
strong odour
store away fro
other oils.
use with caution.
(eg. 5 eucalyptus
to 1 peppermint)
thyme, rosemary
lavender, marjoram,
pine, cedarwood
used mainly in oils and creams,
rubs and massages
bath salts
burners, inhalers
sweet balsam-likemyrrh, rose
minty, rosy sentlavender, patchouli, clove,
juniper, rose, bergamot,
neroli (orange blossom(,
all the citrus oils
fresh sweet citrus
refreshing and uplifting
all spice oils, rosemary
lavender, bergamot
geranium, jasmine,
lemon, palmarosa
used in all skin products and applications
soap, bath salt, oils, creams, burners, etc.
sweet, floral, uplifting
avoid in first 5 months of pregnancy
rosemary, lavender,
clary sage, patchouli,
jojoba, calendula,
sandalwood, ylang-ylang
lavender, floral and citrus oils,
patchouli, vetiver
used in all skin products, a fab hair conditioner
Juniper berry
not in first 3 months of pregnancy especially;
helps body rid itself of toxins
rosemary, jasmineused in all skincare products, hair oil
used in baths & massage
sweet floral and herbal

a must in the laundry

bergamot, cedarwood,
ylang-ylang, clove,
clary sage, patchouli,
lemon, pine, vetiver,
rosewood, rose, geranium,
jasmine sandalwood
used in all skin care products
clean fragrance
usually stands alone
avoid sunlight (as with all citrus oils) for 24 hours
bergamot, ylang-ylang, lavender, geranium.
benzoin, fennel, juniper.
chamomile, orange blossom,
rose, eucalyptus.
jasmine, lime, sandalwood
used in most cleaning products;
used in many beauty, hair and skin applications
fresh grassy earthylavender, geranium, peppermint
flora & citrus oils
best home care oil for smelly areas
warm, woody, spicy, camphoraceouslavender, rosemary, bergamot,
cedarwood, chamomile, cypress, ti-tree, eucalyptus
Naroli (orange blossom)
warm, sweet floralbenzoin, jasmine, chamomile,
myrrh, clary sage, geranium,
lavender, rose, ylang-ylang
and all citrus oils
sweet and fresh
see eucalyptus – very similar
Orange (sweet)
tangy, orange

refreshing aroma
children’s favourite
no sun for 24 hours
lavender, clary sage, lime,
neroli, grapefruit, nutmeg,
cloves, jasmine, cinnamon,
rosemary, myrrh
and all spicy smelling oils
fabulous in all cleaning products
sweet floral scentall florals, cedarwood,
rose geranium, geranium,
rosewood, sandalwood
moist earth smell
heady perfume
lavender, rose,
great for hair and body products
sharp piercing and pungent
grassy mint undertone
benzoin, rosemary,
lavender, marjoram
mainly used in muscle massages and burners
always dilute
a heavenly scent
romantic, warm
lavender, all florals,
jasmine, sandalwood,
excellent all rounder
used in most body products; blends with most oils
Rose geranium
said to aid hormone replacement
it can overpower blends
lavender, bergamot,
peppermint, lemon;
clary sage, patchouli
for all skin types and skin products
sharp strong
aroma balsamic
can overpower blends
PREGNANT: don’t use
EPILEPTIC: don’t use
lemon, lavender,
elemi, cedarwood,
peppermint, petitgrain,
citronella, thyme,
basil, pine, all spicy oils
fabulous hair product; can be used in all body applications, bath salts,
creams, lotions
spicy, woody

very sweet
lavender, all citrus,
florals and woods
hair and body care;
gives body to blends
great for men
woody and balsamic
soft and sweet
patchouli, cinnamon leaf,
benzoin, vetiver, patchouli,
myrrh, jasmine, rosewood,
bergamot, lavender, rose,
clove, geranium, juniper
used in all skin and hair applications
warm, spicy
bergamot, lemon, rosemary,
lavender, marjoram, pine
all purpose oil
can use neat
spicy, warm, fresh
lavender, geranium, pine,
rosemary, pine, clary sage,
marjoram and all spicy oils
excellent for entire body,
warm and fresh
Best on it’s own in a carrier.
Note: Keep shaking. Don’t’ try and use without blending.
Used in massages; great bath additive
rosewood, jasmine, lavender, rosecleaning; body/skin applications
Lovely combinations aromas for baths – any combinationpeppermint, chamomile and lavender
sweet orange and vanilla oleoresin
grapefruit and lemon
ylang-ylang and lavender

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