Carrier oils, also called base oils, are the oils you use to mix the essential oils into. They allow you to use essential oils safely. They are vegetable, nut or seed oils. They are mostly cold pressed. Cooking oil is not suitable.

We have most carrier oils available and they are being uploaded to our site. If there is something you’re looking for please ask us and we will endeavour to get it for you.

Below is a quick reference guide on most of the oils with regard to texture, benefits, feels, colour and smell.

Carrier oilBlended remarksFeels…For use on / skin typesColour / smell
Abyssinian100%light and non-greasyoily skin or combination skin. clear with a very slight fragrance
Almond kernel (sweet)100%slightly oily residuegood for all skin typesclear yellow / sweet, nutty / all purpose oil / cold pressed
Aloe vera10% – massages;
1-5 drops in baths
(up to 10)
moistscratches, light burnsclear yellow / faintly bitter smell
Apricot kernel100% as base;
contains minerals and vitamins
leaves thick, waxy residuesensitive or inflamesclear yellow
Avocado10% – massages;
blend – 5% fine
thick, waxy, fattyeczema,
fabulous in tender skin after tanning treatments
all skin types
deep olive / nutty
Black seed100%medium to heavydry skinclear / no odor
Borage10%moderately thinexcellent skin boostlight yellow / sweet
Cocoa butterhard to blendthick, waxy and stickyexcellent for all skin typestan colour, very sweet
Evening primrose5% blends;
up to 60% in heart or women problems and skin healing treatments
thin, smoothone of the best base oils to heal damaged skinmedium yellow / lightly sweet
Grapeseed50% to 90%;
used in most commercial oils, etc.
light and smooth,
solvent extracted
fabulous in massages and bath oilsclear / very slight aroma
Hazelnut kernelcan use 100%slightly oily residueall skin typeslight yellow / sweet
Jojoba10%-25%is actually a liquid wax, silky smoothexcellent in hair care, good on inflamed skinsweet / pleasant aroma
nice light oil. non-greasy.
Macadamia5% onlythick, oilysoothingclear yellow / sweet
Olive100%heavyis a body toner, rheumatic,
olive green
Peanut1–%very oilyall skin types,
clear light
short shelf life
moderately thicknot used extensivelyclear nutty
Pemagranate100%medium to heavydry skinyellow oil / very slight aroma
Rosehip10%light oilyskin healantclear mild / earthy aroma
Safflower100%enriched minerals and vitaminspale skin typespale yellow
Sesame10%thick, oily;
sweet, nutty
Shea butterbuy commercial productfabulouscosmeticsoff white / fatty, nutty
Sunflower100%thin, vitamin & mineral enrichedall skin typesclear / faintly sweet

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