In dreamland Rosemary Essential Oil Numerology show that it is a transition oil. It takes you on the journey to freedom by showing you that doing everything out of your own power is fruitless. It shows you that once you start relying on the higher power (the source of your being), miracles will happen that will take you to places you thought you could only dream of, because Rosemary contains the number of magic.

If you’re a control freak, Rosemary will help you to let go a little but at the same time, Rosemary will help you get organised, put systems in place and implement checks and balances to free you from the need to control the nitty gritties and help you focus more on the bigger picture.

Rosemary will help you understand that you have a unique and specific mission here in this life and will put you in touch with your intuition so that you can discover your inner being and inner potential that will bring you your best life ever. You don’t need to control everything. You can just let go and allow life to unfold before you and follow your bliss. If you can do this, you will see a new world open up to you. A world of magic and stupendous coincidences will draw you in to your new life, if you will ‘let it be’.

In other words, you, your ego, are not in control of your life. You are here to enjoy your life and watch as your higher power or source of your being brings your life to you and allows you to choose that which you prefer and that which you don’t. Choices choices! So the key is to always choose that which makes you feel good. If you do you will find that you will always choose the good. You will be trustworthy, honest, have integrity and always be reliable. You will attract many people and abundance into your life.

In contrast, if you continue to rely upon your ego, you will end up with a life filled with skepticism, neglect, judgement and misery.

Rosemary stirs up the elementals to re-arrange themselves into creating a more structured ‘image’ so to speak. It will perk your intuition and you will start to see that life is easy, exciting, simple and energising. Rather than a huge big slog of dog-eat-dog to get to the top.

Rosemary supports in every single way. Rosemary says: “It’s no use wasting any more time on trivial matters. Your life is magical.” Use Rosemary to bring super clarity and super vision as you remember who you really are.

SLOGAN FOR ROSEMARY “it’s my life”

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