In this post you will learn about linalyl acetate as well as lynalool.

In short, linalyl acetate is the component found in some essential oils which is considered to be the most important constituent for soothing and relaxing, antispasmodic aromatherapy effects, such as found in Lavender essential oil. It is good on skin as it reduces skin inflammation and heals rashes. It helps to balance natural oils in the skin, acting well on both dry and oily skin. It can be used directly on the skin or mixed with a carrier oil to improve absorption and therefor achieve better results.

To benefit from these compounds we have found the most obvious choice to be Lavender Mailette, aka as Purple Haze.

A study done in Italy in 2003 on the topic “anti-inflammatory activity of linalool and linalyl acetate constituents of essential oils,” stated that,

The results obtained thus support the hypothesis that linalool and linalyl acetate play a major role in the anti-inflammatory activity displayed by some essential oils containing them. The present data suggest that plant species producing a relevant amount of these monoterpene compounds are potential anti-inflammatory agents.”

Analgesic: Studies also talk of how linalyl acetate and linalool caused reduced duration of menstrual pain, and even relieve them from menstrual pain.

Research carried out in 2012 on “Lavender and the Nervous System” found that

Aromatic oil massage with essential oils blended with lavender, clary sage and marjoram in a 2:1:1 ratio in forty-eight outpatients with primary dysmenorrhea alleviated the pain and reduced the duration of dysmenorrhea.

By using lavender essence it was also reported that it is a successful and safe complementary therapy in reduction of pain after cesarean section in 200 term pregnant women and after episiotomy in 60 primiparous women as well as in perineal discomfort following normal childbirth in 635 women.

It is shown that lavender aromatherapy, through an oxygen face mask with two drops of 2% lavender oil can be used to reduce the demand for opioids in twenty-five patients after immediate postoperative period of breast biopsy surgery and for other analgesics in fifty-four patients undergoing laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding.

Anti-hypertensive: Few other studies proved that linalyl acetate is capable of relaxing blood vessels and reducing the blood pressure in patients. A study conducted in 2012 explained such results as “it has been shown that foot massage using lavender essential oil in 100 ICU patients of whom 50% were receiving artificial ventilation was effective in lowering blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, wakefulness and pain.

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Here is an extract showing 6 amazing linalool benefits you need to know about

Anti-inflammatory and Pain Reducer: Linalool is useful for dampening overactive responses to injury or sickness.

Anti-Epileptic: Linalool is “very powerful in its anticonvulsant quality”.

Stress Reducer: Linalool inhalation has been shown to act as an anxiolytic (anxiety reducer) and may boost immune system performance.

Mosquito Repellent: Linalool can deter mosquitos with 93% efficiency.

Sedative: Linalool can improve sleep and increase energy the following morning.

Anti-Microbial Modulator: Linalool may improve anti-microbial properties.

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