Spikenard Nardostachys jatamansi – is a very special oil extracted from a flowering plant that grows in the Himalayas. It is an intensely aromatic amber-coloured essential oil distilled from the root/underground stems. Our oil is pure and natural and comes from Nepal. Spikenard oil from Nepal is considered the finest in the world.

In ancient times this oil was used as an anointing oil in religious ceremonies, as perfume and also as a traditional medicine. It is known as nard oil and was coveted and very expensive at the time. Other names for it is nardin or muskroot and means “light”. It is believed that when you allow the aroma into your house you are “turning on the light”. In religious connotations it would be turning on the “light inside of you hence it’s use as an anointing oil.

This is the oil that Mary anointed Jesus’s feet before the last supper in the Bible. That’s why the others were so appalled at her ‘wasting’ such a valuable oil.

Spikenard has so many benefits, everyone should have this in their home.

Spikenard is a truly remarkable oil. I will be doing an interesting blog post about this oil in the near future as to how it was used in ancient times. Very interesting. Remember to follow our blog for more.

Spikenard – Nardostachys jatamansi is often used for/promotes the following:

anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, reduce fever, anti-fungal, deodorant, laxative, tonic, anxiety, perfume, incense, sedative, herbal medicine, fight insomnia, assist with birth difficulties, calming, relaxing, healthy nails, hair growth, healthy hair, relieve hysteria, promote tranquility, tension headache, palpitations, palpitations, menopausal disturbances, neurological disorders, treat mental instability, high blood pressure, enhance memory, irritable bowel syndrome, pain relief, pre-menstrual tension (PMS) and smooth menstrual flow.



Essential Oil Numerology for Spikenard

This oil can be good for anyone, but specifically for those who tend to, and are over doing things, are overwhelmed, can’t keep up, are exhausted, perfectionistic, over-critical, etc.

The essence of Spikenard can encourage one to bring all the chaos together into the light to find true authentic balance. When we are truly authentic we are automatically balanced. Spikenard inspires us to let go of the tendency to work non-stop to exhaustion to try to find that all illusive success and instead pushes us to jump through the eye of the needle, take a leap of faith, go out on a limb, towards the light so that ease can return. It reminds us of the words Jesus spoke in scripture, ” …my burden is easy, my yoke is light…”. If you’re stuck in the rut then this is a message to you to re-assess your every day and to start focusing on the light side in every way. When you put things into categories it’s easier to find your passion and when you follow your passion, work ends.

Spikenard oil is taken from the root of the plant. The root that is hidden under ground. If you look at the root of Spikenard it has a fine hairy kind of structure albeit also rough and coarse. It looks pretty chaotic but when that which is inside is extracted in the form of an essential oil, it delivers a powerful fragrance that reminds one of what is laying inside, dormant/unseen/untouched . Spikenard is about bringing that which is hidden “under ground” out into the light, thus bringing your inner hidden talent out to manifest into the physical world.

Surprises follow passion.

Spikenard reminds us about doing the right thing. The internal being that you are strives for righteousness. What is more right than being your authentic self? Of course, Spikenard will initially stir up chaos but the purpose is to help open your eyes to see what you are missing. Once this 2020 vision is achieved and processed, peace arrives. You recognise that you are inherently good and carry the spark of life inside. This is what Spikenard ultimately aims for – to help you find that light inside and bring it out into the open to deliver your true self to the world.

Very interestingly, Spikenard is often used to strengthen the fragrance and effect of other oils. Thus, your hidden talents, your natural abilities so to speak are strengthened and brought to the fore when you achieve 2020 vision.

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  • brings 2020 vision
  • puts things into categories
  • calms down
  • rests more
  • forgiveness of self
  • acceptance of self
  • clarity

So once forgiveness and acceptance of self is achieved and the calm has been restored, Spikenard can inspire you to re-arrange your life bringing the following aspects:

  • balance
  • authenticity
  • always doing the right thing
  • trust
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • reliability
  • security
  • structure
  • success

All this can be done without losing authenticity. Authenticity remains and hard work remains but balance is king.

“There is only one you”

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