I’ve been working with essential oils for a long time now. Only over the past two years have I managed to actually connect with their vibration. I call it flowerpower.

Since everything is fundamentally vibration one can understand how powerful essential oils actually are. Their fragrance fills the air giving the mind and body a boost of energy but at the same time brings relaxation. When used with a diffuser it is so fine it passes the brain body barrier so that it affects the limbic system which regulates emotions and hormones.

When I select an oil I choose the one that has a fragrance that gives me an uplifting feeling. I spend time with that oil and take it in with all my senses using a diffuser. The benefits have been overwhelmingly positive. But I have found I do need to choose a different one after a while. Buying essential oils online doesn’t give you the opportunity to take a sniff but we have discovered intuition. We have a really special product coming soon that you will love! It will give you an opportunity to explore all kinds of different oils that will benefit you immensely in a very personal way!

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