Here are some tips on how to use Defensor™

Diffusion of the oil blend, Thieves, can significantly reduce the number of aerosol-borne bacteria and may have application in treating air for enclosed environments and preventing transmission of aerosol-borne bacterial pathogens.

Defensor™ contains the ‘thieves’ oil blend plus more.

Defensor™ Immune Defense Application OilHOW TO USE Defensor™ Immune Defense Application Oil

  • Put 3 drops of Defensor™ Immune Defense Application Oil onto your fingers.
  • Rub together and apply some to your temples and behind your ears.
  • Put another two or three drops on your hands and rub together, apply to your neck and rub under your feet.
  • Do this daily, especially after a bath. Breathe in the refreshing essence and feel the difference.
  • Remember: Prevention is better than cure.


  • This blend has been used very successfully when applied on painful muscles/body aches for almost instant relief.
  • Can also be applied to your hands for a moisturising and healing hand sanitiser – no more dry and sore skin!

Please take note of these SAFETY GUIDELINES before use.

(watch out for open cuts and wounds as they may burn upon application.) Read more about Defensor™ here.

Defensor™ Immune Defense Essential OilHOW TO USE Defensor™ Immune Defense Essential Oil

Defensor™ Immune Defense Essential Oil is a blend of pure and organic essential oils. It contains no fillers, carrier oils or anything other than essential oils.

  • Add a few drops into your diffuser for a wonderful air freshener.
  • Add a few drops with water in a spritzer bottle to use on counter tops and as a general air refresher.
  • Add one or two drops to your bath for an energising experience. It certainly opens up your respiratory channels and lifts your mood.
  • Add one or two drops to a bit of warm water and with a towel over your head, breathe in the goodness of Defensor™. It is a wonderful decongestant.
  • Add 10 – 20 drops Defensor™ to 10ml of your favourite carrier oil if you prefer something other than grape seed oil that is used with Defensor™ Immune Defense Application oil.

NB: This product is not a drug & is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA or the MCC. This product is made to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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